At 32 km from Paralio Astros is Nafplio, one of the most picturesque cities in Greece, the first capital of Greece (1828-1833).

Nafplio is well-known for its world-famous sights such as Palamidi Bourtzi, Amaspurg Mansion and the Archaeological Museum in Constitution Square. Ideal destination for all seasons.

Agios Petros Village

For those who love the mountainous routes 35 kilometers from Paralio Astros we find the village of Agios Petros is a picturesque village built at the foot of Parnon. We find it in an area full of chestnut trees, apple trees, cherry trees and plane trees. It is a traditional settlement that is an alternative for an excursion near the evergreen nature all year round.

Eye Of Kynouria

At a distance of 10 kilometers from Paralio Astros, the villa of Herodes Atticus at Eva / Loukou Kynouria is the most important monument of the Roman imperial years in Greece, as evidenced by its great extent and above all the exceptional wealth of the architectural remains and the multi-colored sculptures mosaic finds. The villa belonged to the wealthy patron Herod Attikis from Marathon, the most important personality of Roman imperial times and late antiquity, as confirmed by inscriptions.


At 30 km from Paralio Astros, Mycenae is the kingdom of the legendary Agamemnon, which was the first to be celebrated by Homer in his epics. It is the most important and richest palace of the Late Bronze Age in Greece. Their name has been given to one of them and the legends associated with their history penetrated the centuries with the Homeric epics and the great tragedies of the classical era, while inspiring and continuing to inspire the world of Intellectual creation and art.

Epidaurus Theater

At 45 km from Paralio Astros is the Theater of the Asklipieion of Epidaurus, built on the western side of Kynartios at the end of the Classical period, circa 340-330 BC, as part of the general reconstruction of the sanctuary and was used at least until the 3rd century. This unique monument, the finest and most famous ancient Greek Theater, which combines elegance with perfect acoustics, is according to Pausanias, the work of Polykleitos.


Olympia was the city of ancient Greece in Ilia, known as the place where the Olympic Games took place in classical times, comparable in importance to the Pythia that was held in Delphi. In Olympia was the statue of Zeus, a work of Pheidias, which was known in antiquity as one of the seven wonders of the world. The starting point of the Olympic Games back to 776 BC. and was held every four years.


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