Paralio Astros is located 45 km east of Tripoli. Paralio Astros is 30 km from Argos. and from Athens 170 km (duration 2 hours). There is regular bus service. In the summer cruises take place in the nearby islands, Spetses and Hydra, but also in other beautiful places like Monemvasia, etc.

It took its name from the shape of the peninsula (star) that many years ago was an island. The locals still call it "island" today. It is a beautiful town, a wonderful summer resort where you can see Arcadian hospitality. The beautiful, traditionally well-preserved houses on the "island" with its landscaped gardens, whitewashed courtyards and crystal-clear streets give it a distinct look. Its medieval castle on the top of the hill gives Astros the nobility and the visitor the opportunity to gaze at the sea and the green and green valley. The picturesque port hosts, mainly in summer, pleasure boats and sailboats. A special place is the small theater where various cultural events take place in the summer.

The part of the village of Paralio Astros that was built afterwards was built to satisfy the needs of its many visitors. On the beautiful square you can enjoy your drink while gazing at the Argolic Gulf. Its crystal-clear seas, stunning fishing grounds, the cosmopolitan environment are attractions, especially in the summer. The visitor has the option of choosing between the two beaches, "Doors" and "Atzangano", to enjoy swimming.

Starting from Paralio Astros one can visit many places that will impress him. At a distance of 7 km, on the road to Tripoli, there is the archaeological site of Eva Dolianα and the Herod of Attica Mansion. Right across the street, known as the Loukou Monastery. There are many monasteries in the wider region, which have the opportunity to visit the traditional settlements of the area. Very close to the road to Leonidio is the hospitable wetland of Moustos with its unique visitors.

Of course, the visitor should not miss the coastal Kynouria and enjoy the beautiful scenery towards Leonidio. It is sure to be impressed by the lacy shores, the crystal-clear sea and the beauties of Parnonas.


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